Biden Denigrates Netanyahu During the War with Hamas


In an interview published this morning on Time Magazine, Biden took the middle of a war to belittle Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. He claimed Netanyahu was prolonging a painful and difficult war to stay in office.

The Time Magazine reporter asked on cue. “Some in Israel have suggested that Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political self-preservation. Do you believe that?”

[[File:P20210512AS-1895-3b (51225280704).jpg|P20210512AS-1895-3b_(51225280704)]]

Biden proceeded to say he’s not going to comment as he commented.

I’m not going to comment on that. There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion. And I would cite that as—before the war began, the blowback he was getting from the Israeli military for wanting to change the constitution—change the court. And so it’s an internal domestic debate that seems to have no consequence. And whether he would change his position or not, it’s hard to say, but it has not been helpful.

The court in Israel is almost omnipotent.

The administration has been actively trying to start a colour revolution in Israel to unseat Netanyahu in exchange for someone pliable to his vision.

Netanyahu is planning to imprison or kill the 2,000 remaining insurgents in Rafah. A report that came out of Israel this week says one-third of the prisoners taken by Hamas are dead. Four older men were found dead, and it appeared to be an execution.

CIA head Burns and Biden’s top aide McGurk are in Israel trying to get Israel to give in to the deal they claimed is Israel’s idea. Netanyahu said there is “no more wiggle room.”

Unfortunately, Israel is considering declaring war on Hezbollah. The Iranian-backed terrorist group has been bombing Israel regularly.

If we don’t get rid of this administration, we will be fully engaged in World War III.

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