Biden Doesn’t Know He’s Governing to the Left — Thinks He Outperforms


Biden was completely out of touch during his speech this afternoon, and he read every bit of it off the teleprompter. He called on reporters in order and was able to read the answers – in order.

He had no answers for any problems in this country. The man governs to the far left, doesn’t know he is, and does not have the understanding or the skills to govern. He thinks everything is great. He blamed Donald Trump and all Republicans for every problem we have and completely exonerated himself.

Remarkably, Biden also thinks the country is united.

There were zero questions on the open borders, on race, or crime in the cities. Biden gave long mindless answers. His world is a crazy delusional place.

A Few Notable Clips

The way he plans to wipe out inflation is to SPEND MORE MONEY:

At one point, he claimed he created jobs, but he hasn’t created any jobs. The only jobs are just people coming back to work. In fact, he’s still 4 million jobs short. He hasn’t added one single job.

This clip below was particularly embarrassing. He seems lost in the middle of a sentence and then called Russia, “Mother Russia.”

He has no apologies for the disaster in Afghanistan or for the 13 dead American heroes and the 700 dead Afghans.

In this clip, he is a crazy old demented man:

Biden claims he’s not a socialist.
In the least, he’s a socialist. For example, Biden said government will provide — THAT’S SOCIALISM. His open borders, welfare state, high taxation, it’s all socialism.


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