Biden DOJ Tells SCOTUS Not to Intervene in Document-Gate


Biden’s Department of Justice told the Supreme Court not to intervene in Donald Trump’s special master case. The DOJ unconstitutionally raided the Trump home, Mar-a-Lago, took every document they wanted, went through the family’s private closets, and even took documents protected by attorney privilege.

The angry Democrats of the DOJ, headed up by partisan Merrick Garland, did it based on a non-criminal event and a non-criminal Records Act violation.

The Biden Democrat regime doesn’t want Donald Trump to see what they confiscated.

The Hill report:

The Justice Department on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to reject former President Trump’s plea to intervene in his legal battle and allow the special master to review the classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s request to the high court comes after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Justice Department, siphoning off some 100 classified records from the third-party special master review of the documents seized from his Florida home.

The motion from Trump largely hinged on procedural grounds, arguing the appeals court erred by granting a stay of a challenge to a Florida judge’s ruling appointing the special master that barred the Department of Justice (DOJ) from accessing the classified records for its investigation.

But the Justice Department on Tuesday swiped back at Trump, arguing his legal team had done little to justify the need for the court’s intervention, as he failed to show he would be harmed without its action.

Trump needs to see what they took. There is no question they want to harm him.

Trump’s filing last week doesn’t seek to block the DOJ from investigating the classified records and instead would allow the ongoing special master review to include those 100 documents — a move that would offer limited benefit to the former president.

This is the government that leaked the raid was necessary because Trump took secret nuclear documents. That’s disappeared from the news.

We should only fear the man with nuclear codes at his fingertips, and that is, dementia Joe.

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1 year ago

The Goal of the Raid was to recover incriminating documents that would land Government Bureaucrats in Jail. If President Trump is not able to recover these documents they will be destroyed and Traitors will never see justice! The SCOTUS must step in.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I cannot see how the SC could justify not allowing a special master, it is standard procedure, especially when there is contention over the unethically wide warrant and the political motivation. I think the weak conservatives on the court will be shamed into allowing the master to proceed.