Moderna Has A Shot to Cure the Heart Problem Their First Shot Caused


There is no question that the mRNA vaccine (gene therapy) is tied to heart problems, including clotting, myocarditis, and pericarditis.

The evidence concerned Florida’s Surgeon General, who has now recommended that young people refrain from taking the vaccine because it causes a massive 84% spike in cardiac-related death in males aged 18-39. This decision was based on an analysis of studies in a limited timeframe.

Moderna CEO  Stéphane Bancel has a clever solution. He told Sky News that the company has another booster shot coming out. And they have another gene therapy shot coming out soon to solve the heart problem. It gets injected right into the afflicted person’s heart.

Bancel says the injection will “grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart.” He finds it “super exciting.”

It’s quite clever. Their drug, unnecessary for youth mandated to take it, have heart problems from the shot, and the same company that produced the shot will shoot another mRNA cure directly into the heart.

That’s like an undertaker killing off the townsfolk to drum up business.


While we already reported Pfizer’s troubling admission this week, it’s worth another mention. A Pfizer executive admitted they never tested the mRNA vaccine to see if it stopped transmission. Based on that, they lied and said it would. Mandates followed, destroying businesses, education, and mental well-being.

Do these greedy corporations test anything except when the occasional French rats or US mice are handy?


Big Pharma’s bed partner, the FDA, just approved the vaccine for children under 5.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I much doubt there is or has even been anything to regrow blood vessels. Bancel is a liar. If there were such a treatment, then show the trials on heart patients. Such therapy would be useful in general.

Revascularizing the heart is as silly as Biden saying he would cure cancer and eliminate poverty.

It would take a supremely gullible or desperate person to take this injection into the heart.

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

After all their lies, who would trust any of this garbage?

1 year ago

I have a Bridge in New York City for sale. Any buyers?