Biden Doubles Down on Ending Our Way of Life at COP27


In addition to a new extreme methane rule, Biden is pushing carbon credits that will destroy whole countries. If it’s not carbon, it’s methane, or nitrogen, or any source of human life that will be used to destroy our energy sector.

The greedy billionaires that Democrats have aligned themselves with have a plan to destroy fossil fuels quickly by signing up whole governments. Biden plans to sign up for the COP27 members’ plan for whole governments. Governments “would earn carbon credits by reducing their power sector’s emissions as fossil fuel infrastructure such as coal-fired plants were cut, and renewable energy increased,” says the FT.

The credits would be certified by an independent, as-yet unspecified, accreditation body. Companies would then be able to buy the credits to offset their own carbon emissions,” FT reports.

A carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2e that an organization is permitted to emit. Carbon credits only exist in markets with Cap & Trade regulations. Management teams that emit less than their limit may resell carbon credits on the corresponding carbon market. Carbon credits are NOT the same as carbon offsets.

You can imagine how expensive this will be for the middle class. Democrats have tried to destroy the middle class for years, and climate extremism is their path to doing it.

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Biden is doubling down on his extreme climate agenda. Democrats didn’t learn anything from the midterms because they didn’t lose much. They’re back and have two years to destroy fossil fuels and increase inflation. They feel like they won. For all the damage they have did, it’s a victory.

They will crush oil and gas with a new methane rule.

The days of cheap energy is done. Democrats are going right back to destroying fossil fuels with nothing to replace them.

Ron DeSantis is proof that if you run a good economy, voters respond. Many Republicans didn’t try hard enough and trashed conservatives, allowing Democrats to win key seats.

As an aside, hundreds of private jets were flown into the COP 27 climate summit. The rich guys plan to get richer by “saving the planet.”

What do they care if we struggle?

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Blue flame from gas hob produce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The climate crisis is about… the very life of the planet, “ Bidendeceitfully insisted at COP 27.

Fossil fuels have taken humanity from <1 billion to 8 billion and have made the planet greener than ever. Fossil fuels are a life-giving miracle.

“The climate crisis is about human security, economic security, environmental security, national security, and the very life of the planet,” Biden continued before the UN and Arabs who stand to benefit from our destruction of fossil fuels.

“I can stand here as president of the United States of America and say with confidence, the United States of America will meet our emissions targets by 2030,” he said.

Prior to his arrival, Biden’s administration unveiled a domestic plan to crack down on the U.S. oil and gas industry’s emissions of methane. Drillers begged him not to since it would destroy drilling.

Washington and the EU also issued a joint declaration alongside Japan, Canada, Norway, Singapore and Britain pledging more action on oil industry methane. That declaration was meant to build on an international deal launched last year and since signed by around 130 nations to cut economy-wide emissions 30% this decade.

“Cutting methane by at least 30% by 2030 can be our best chance keep within reach 1.5 degrees Celsius,” Biden said, referring to the central goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature rise.

The biggest emitters – Russia, China, India – will not do it and most COP27 members won’t either.

It will affect farms, ranches, and all of us and greatly add to inflation. It will destroy small farms.

Every state is subservient to this federal rule, greatly harming states’ rights.

It will destroy our way of life.

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Biden, bumbling along in the clip below, is full steam ahead. He thinks he has a referendum to do it based on the midterms.

Biden is bribing Egypt to stay out of BRICS with our tax dollars. If he wasn’t such a failure, this wouldn’t be needed. It won’t work in any case.

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