Montana Votes for Infanticide of Born Alive Babies


Montana voters were asked whether babies born alive should be given basic human necessities and 226K people said no. That’s infanticide. Letting babies die or actively killing them is only a matter of semantics. It’s murder. Depriving people of necessities to survive is murder.

Montana voters rejected the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act that would have required medical professionals to perform lifesaving medical care on infants who survived abortions or were born prematurely. Unabashedly, they supported infanticide.

Voters in Montana appear to have rejected a ballot measure requiring medical care for infants born alive, including abortion. With 89 percent of the vote in, 52.6 percent oppose Legislative Referendum 131 to 47.4 percent support it.  According to the Montana Free Press, the measure caused confusion among voters during the campaign cycle over how the referendum was framed, reports Townhall.

They appear to support infanticide. This was a Planned Parenthood initiative.

Robby Starbuck tweeted, Montana voted to let babies die. Let that sink in. All this would have done is force doctors to give care to a living human baby, including if they’re born alive after an abortion. What a dark, horrific day.


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