Biden: Draining the Reserves Before the Election Is Not Political


Joe Biden said that draining the reserves to lower gas prices right before the election is not political. Does Biden think anyone believes this? For months, he has drained the reserves to attempt to conceal the fact that he’s destroying our fossil fuel system. He wants people to believe he isn’t using our reserves as his campaign piggy bank.

No one believes him. No one.

He’s draining 15 million barrels to bring down the price of gasoline right before the election. It’s just enough to keep his fraud going until the election.

Pretend for a moment that Trump did this. What do you think the media would say? Are we really going to accept these absurdities.

It will cost a lot more to refill the reserves but what does it matter to the reckless spenders.

Why is he touching the girl?

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3 months ago

The crazy thing is that Traitor Joe probably doesn’t see draining SPR dry as political. In his weird twisted little mind he thinks here’s saving humanity from Climate Change!

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
3 months ago

Joe Biden has long-since been known even among colleagues as “very stupid”. Likely this is one reason why Biden the insecure narcissistic fabulist was chosen as the trojan horse to bring death, decay, and ruin to the US while the REAL handlers of the nation engage their dark plots against every living American.

3 months ago

Biden hasn’t done one good thing for Americans since he was inserted into office. Trump warned us about what would happen under Biden and was right about everything.