Biden focuses on Blacks who can’t get online


Joe Biden’s town hall on CNN was a disaster last week, even with Anderson Cooper protecting him. One of Biden’s stupid comments was to claim people of color can’t get online.

The man in the clip below is funny. He is acting out Biden’s vision of a Black person operating a computer.

Democrats also think Blacks don’t know how to get voter IDs.

But don’t worry, Biden really zeroed in on all those white supremacists running around in white hoods — all six of them. The sad thing is he is very unaware and basically reads from teleprompters.



  1. Breaking-Bull Connor is waiting by the segregated fountains with a high pressure hose!
    Oh wait, 1964 is over the Great Society is a big steaming heap of FAIL but at least we have them (unwoke race word here) voting democrat for the next few hundred years.

    Actual LBJ quote that is too controversial to place in plain language here.

  2. Traitor Joe is a Moron. It’s looking like a very dangerous moron. I can’t believe anyone with brain actually voted for this guy, even if they are Communist.

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