Watters: congressional Dems are playing another dirty trick with amnesty bill


Judicial Watch reports that there are at least 22.1 million illegal aliens in this country according to a Yale-MIT study. The Left has been telling us there are 11 million for decades.  That is nonsense. With chain migration, it’s not even 22 million, it’s more like 40 to 50 million. Ans they will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Joe Biden’s immigration plan leaves the borders open, calls illegal immigrants ‘asylum seekers,’ and gives full amnesty with a path to citizenship to everyone in this country illegally with a few exceptions.

As a result, we now have foreigners from all over the world amassing at our border and 60% of them are African. If they were asylum seekers, truly desperate asylum seekers, they would go to some nearby country in Africa, not fly into Mexico. They aren’t coming for our values either.

Jesse Watters believes Speaker Pelosi knows full amnesty won’t fly but put out the bill so she can say Republicans won’t help immigrants. Politicians are largely frauds and that might be the case.




  1. If it isn’t America First then it must be America Last.
    Enjoy all those who just couldn’t handle the bad orange tweets from the horny millionaire man.
    Aww…show me on this doll where the Trumpster hurt you, snowflake.
    Enjoy competition for everything from skilled to entry level jobs, housing, food, increasingly scarce resources.
    The Texas outages that had to be done in order to prevent catastrophic melt down of the grid?
    Coming soon to an overpopulated infrastructure taxed metroplex near you.
    87 octane is $2.55 and climbing in February, just imagine what it will be when May rolls around and summer driving season begins.
    (S)elections have consequences and no complaining from any comrades as they got their lovable Uncle Joe across the line.

  2. This bill won’t fly? Why not, it can pass the house. All it needs is 10 votes from Mitch’s corrupt gang of anti-Americans in the senate. They have already defied the will of the people in huge ways. Their huge financial backers are pushing for this. Graham and others are anxious for this bill to pass.

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