Biden Foundation promoted transgenderism even for 18-month-olds


The National Pulse reports that the [sketchy] Biden Foundation supported transgenderism for 18-month-old babies.

Catholic Joe Biden’s personal foundation launched a pro-LGBTQ campaign promoting the stories of an 8-month-old “gender nonconforming “ child and other transgender kids.

Transgendering these children means they are subjected to life-altering, dangerous surgeries at an early age which many later regret.

The National Pulse reports that the 2018 initiative, called the “As You Are” campaign, centered on a map tracking LGBTQ “acceptance stories” across the country.

Biden’s foundation led it — “further[ing] the work the Bidens did over eight years in the Obama administration and cement[ing] the former vice president’s more than four-decade legacy in public life.”

Of the nearly 500 individuals highlighted, many were children under the age of 18, with one account even chronicling a “gender nonconforming” 18-month-old.

Stories were often staffed by Biden aides.

The foundation only ceased the radical operations because of Biden’s campaign but the pro-transgender message of children remains very harmful.


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