Comey lied to the Senate Committee about the 675K emails on Weiner’s laptop


Hillary Clinton was protected and not prosecuted because Barack Obama was sending her emails while she was using an alias. That is according to Sydney Powell, General Michael Flynn’s attorney.

In addition, 675,000 emails were found on the Anthony Weiner laptop and we now know that Jim Comey lied when he said the FBI checked them all. It included all of her emails, including the ‘Golden Emails.’ What the Comey FBI did was execute search warrants for everything except the Blackberry emails. They did not look at the Blackberry emails or a fraction of the Weiner laptop.

Comey lied and said the emails were mostly duplicates of emails they already had.

She said there is a lot that can be prosecuted on that laptop. It caused some in the NYPD to throw up. Hardened officers looking at it became ill.


Before you watch this, remember that the FBI ignored the NYPD finding of classified Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop for at least a month. In the clip below, he falsely claims he didn’t want to conceal.

Watch Comey lie to the clowns at the Senate Committee:


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