Biden Goes to Charleston to Smear Republicans, Praise 2020 Riots



Biden took a 28-vehicle motorcade to Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston so he and James Clyburn could blame Donald Trump and Republicans for the white mass killer Dylan Roof, who slaughtered nine innocent people in that very church. Biden ginned up white supremacy fears.

The Oval Office dweller arrived in his usual confused state.

After falsely claiming he “started a civil rights movement” and attended a Black church more than its congregants, Joe Biden praised the 2020 riots as “historic.” Pro-Hamas radicals stormed the church and heckled him. So, he criticized Israel and smeared Republicans throughout the speech. He said he saves us billions as he spends wildly and runs up the debt; it went up a trillion dollars last month.

Uncle Joe blamed white people for Dylan Roof, the murderous teen who wanted to start a race war. Biden knows white supremacy isn’t a problem for the nation, and so do his advisors.

Biden ranted hyperbolically with his usual J6 insurrection claims.

As he oversees the tearing down of our historical statues and monuments, he claims Republicans are destroying history. Biden insists he’s making history. If you count turning us into a miserable communist nation, that is a true statement.

The dummy said we bear the original sin of slavery.  Most Americans’ ancestors were in foreign countries when slavery was law in the United States.

This is not 1864 or 1964, but no one told Joe Biden. In this clip, he screamed out a couple of lines Hillary used.

The full, horrible clip:
“Racist, anti-Semitic” Sunny Hostin defended the pro-Hamas terrorists.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 month ago

Where are the goons from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State? Why aren’t they complaining about Puppet Joe Briben politicking in a church? Where’s the IRS? Why aren’t they announcing the suspension of this church’s tax exempt status? Democrats frequently politick in churches, especially those with predominately Black congregations. But let clergy speak against abortion or in favor of any other conservative issue and the goons at Americans United are right there protesting while filing lawsuits and the IRS goons are threatening their tax exempt status.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

The headline could have been: Biden desecrates a Christian Church with His lies.