Secretary Austin Was Hospitalized for Prostate Cancer


According to The Wall Street Journal, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is being treated for complications due to prostate cancer. President Biden only learned about the illness on Tuesday, eight days after the Pentagon chief was rushed to the hospital.

Under pressure, the Pentagon released details today.

Austin had undergone a prostatectomy procedure. That was on December 22, and on January 1, he was re-admitted to the hospital due to complications. He had a urinary tract infection. Gen. Austin had severe nausea and hip and leg pain. The Pentagon said they anticipate a full recovery, but you can’t believe anything they say.

Republicans want to impeach Austin because his performance is abysmal in general. He didn’t even tell his second-in-command that he wasn’t available.

The amazing thing is that Biden, who found out he was gone on Thursday, didn’t even notice he was gone. What kind of president doesn’t contact his head of the military daily, especially given the threats today? I guess it would be hard for Biden to fit that all in when he’s vacationing so often. In any case, we know he’s not really the president.

We wish Secretary Austin a full recovery and are sorry he is ill. We also hope he does a better job the next time.

Austin has been boostered over and over. There is evidence that COVID-19 vaccine boosters cause turbo cancer. Hopefully, he isn’t a victim of a turbo effect.

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1 month ago

I was right. He did have bottom surgery.