Once a Peaceful Country, Ecuador’s at War with Cartels – That Will Be the US


Hooded gangsters seized a state TV news studio today, while a university was attacked and jail guards reportedly executed by prisoners. The cartels have declared war on the new president, who declared the gangs terrorists and has ordered his military and police to neutralize the gangs.

How many of these single military-age men are cartel members establishing crime organizations in the United States? Thank Biden and the progressive Democrats for this.

Gang violence is tearing through Ecuador after a vicious drug gang boss disappeared from prison. The government declared a state of emergency as Ecuador erupted in a “civil war.”

Adolfo Macias, aka Fito, leader of the Los Choneros gang, disappeared, and two prison officials were charged with aiding in his probable escape. Authorities have sent 3,000 police officers and soldiers to hunt him down.

President Daniel Noboa declared a 60-day nationwide state of emergency, which includes a nightly curfew. Soldiers are trying to quell the violence.

Noboa, a 36-year-old business heir who took office in November, said he will not negotiate with terrorists.

“These narcoterrorist groups intend to intimidate us and believe that we will give in to their demands, he said. He added that Ecuador was living through an “internal armed conflict.”

Ecuador was once a relatively peaceful country surrounded by more violent neighbors. The gangs are now embedded in Ecuador and have links to cartels in Mexico, Albania, and other countries.

The country’s per capita murder rate in 2023 — 46.5 per 100,000 people — has increased eightfold since 2018 and is among the highest in the region.

This will be the US.

Ecuador’s security forces are trying to re-establish order in at least six jails where riots broke out on Monday, reports the BBC.

Inmates have reportedly taken several prison guards hostage and have threatened to kill them if soldiers are deployed to regain control of the penitentiaries.

Four police officers were also kidnapped after President Daniel Noboa declared a state of emergency.

There have also been reports of several explosions in the city of Cuenca, with pamphlets dropped near the scene demanding “an end to [prison] transfers.”

The escaped gang leader was about to be transferred to a more secure prison.

They are killing the guards.

This video is graphic and horrible. It depicts the murder of a soldier in Ecuador. These are the people pouring in through our border daily.

TV Station Terror

Intruders forced the terrified TV crew onto the ground, and a person could be heard screaming in apparent pain as the studio lights went off, with the broadcast running for 15 minutes.

A TC employee said in a WhatsApp message: “Please, they came in to kill us. God, don’t let this happen. The criminals are on air.”

Journalists on screen were reportedly heard screaming, “They want to kill us all.”

Police officers entered the studio after 30 minutes while someone then called out that they “have a wounded companion.”

Every assailant was captured.

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1 month ago

And Michelle is afraid of Trump?

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Voting democrat is voting for that invasion by criminals,

but since democrats do not read news from sites such as independent sentinel, they don t know what they are voting for.

Trump did not want a wall out of racism, he wanted a wall to protect the USA from such savage criminals, but people who get their news from the MSM don t know that.

The MSM is why half the population are too underinformed to make the right choices

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Soon in the US??? Forgot BurnLootMurder -Mao’s Red Guards and antifa- Hitler’s Brown Shirts…it will just be an escalation…