Biden Had a Cheat Sheet with Reporters’ Exact Questions


Update at the end

During yesterday’s press conference, Joe Biden was caught using a cheat sheet with a list of reporters and their exact questions. The sheet strongly indicates an unknown level of coordination between White House staff and reporters. Remember when reporters were the people’s watchdogs? Now they’re his lapdogs.

It also suggests he’s very well-rehearsed before these pressers.

What a farce!

Since taking office, Biden has relied on cheat sheets for public events. They often give such specific examples that you would think him a first-grader. This is what the world sees.

We’ve elected a mentally limited individual to run our nation. The Democrat National Committee (DNC) again supports him for the presidency.

We’re being humiliated; the DNC is fine with that as long as they retain power.

The suggestions on the cheat sheets can be very childish. In June, he had a cheat sheet that read, “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants…YOU take YOUR seat.”


KJP said that’s not how they operate, and the reporter didn’t ask that exact question. [The reporter went a little off script, but it is how they operate. This happens all the time.]

The truth is, it is the same question. Both questions were the same question. Watch Rob Schmitt below as he explains.

Rob Schmitt reads off both questions, and they are the same.

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