Jerome Powell Says a Recession’s as Likely as “Very Slow Growth”


Jerome Powell thought he was talking to Ukraine President Zelensky, but he was talking to Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, who go by the nicknames Vovan and Lexus. They are often very successful.

Bloomberg said the discussion was anodyne, but Powell did say, “We would tell you that a recession is almost as likely as very slow growth.” Powell blamed it in part on the rising interest rates, but it’s the only way they know of to get inflation down.

I know another way – stop spending money we don’t have and stop killing the energy sector.

The fact is the US is already in recession. Mr. Powell did seem confident that they are on the right track.

Powell hedged on the question of the sanctions. He agreed the Russians avoided the harshest sanctions. He said the head of the Russian Central Bank is very knowledgeable and smart. She knew how to avoid the harshest sanctions. He said he thinks the sanctions are still hurting Russia. However, as the trickster said, Russia’s economy is growing

How did the tricksters get through to the head of the Feds? That’s funny and everyone easily opens up to this fake Zelensky.

Earlier this year, they got EU Central Bank Chief Christine Lagarde. She admitted the CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) are all about power and control.

They tricked Boris Johnson, also. He made a fool of himself.

Full Interview Here.

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