Biden-Harris Snubbed in Atlanta–Riots Coming


Biden and Harris will be in the Peach state today but they might get lonely. They are being snubbed by Stacey Abrams who is running for governor when he is giving his big voting rights (for Dems only) speech. She tweeted best wishes and said she has a scheduling conflict but has her shadow groups out trashing him.

She doesn’t want to be on the stage with a man whose job approval numbers are in the 30s.

Communist-enabler Biden will say: “I know where I stand. I will not yield. I will not flinch. I will defend your right to vote and our democracy against all enemies foreign and domestic. And so the question is where will the institution of United States Senate stand?”

Biden-Harris are in Atlanta to talk about Abrams’s signature issue but she couldn’t make it. Raphael Warnock, whose popularity is below 50%, will campaign with basically, two losers. Lots of luck with that Raphael.

At a time people in Georgia are concerned with crime and inflation, he is fixated on voting reforms that promote Democrats alone.

It is understandable Sen. Warnock is doing this. This is his signature issue. The issue of voting and participation in elections is his thing. He is, however, out of step with even black voters on securing the vote, voter integrity, and photo ID. He’s on the far-left side of the issue.

Biden-Harris-Warnock plan to attack the Republicans for beefing up voting integrity. They have the American media in sync pushing the voter suppression mythology of the left. It’s a lie but it’s all they got.

Senators Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have made it clear they won’t mess with the filibuster or pass the crazy Build Back Socialist bill.

So last week, in a coordinated effort with the American press corps, the President, Vice President, and Democratic Party made the case that democracy is under attack; the GOP cannot be trusted with power; and the GOP has engaged in efforts to undermine the republic including passing draconian laws to make it more difficult to vote. Regardless of your views, it is objectively not true that the laws make it more difficult to vote. That’s a talking point without validity.

Progressives are furious with Biden-Harris. They want communism now. They are attacking their own leaders who are doing or trying to do everything they want.

You can expect summer violence and riots because when Progressives don’t get what they want, they’re violent and dangerous.

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