DoJ Forms a [Frightening] New Domestic Terrorism Unit


Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen testified that the DoJ created a new domestic terrorism unit to “augment our existing approach.” He claims there is an “elevated threat from domestic violent extremists” driven by racial animus.

That fits the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but they mean conservatives. This is the politicized DoJ using the greatly overblown J6 riot in which 1% to 2% of those present went rogue.

Olsen claimed the number of FBI investigations into suspected domestic violent extremists has more than doubled since the spring of 2020.

“We have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies,” Olsen said.

The department’s National Security Division, which Olsen leads, has a counterterrorism section. But Olsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he has decided to create a specialized domestic terrorism unit “to augment our existing approach.”

This is the DoJ that thinks parents angry about Marxist CRT instruction are domestic terrorists.

A new unit is a dramatic new step.  Who they are defining as domestic terrorists is unclear. AG Garland left all definitions vague and ambiguous.

Currently, about 75 of the J6 rioters are still held in prison. Many are out but face long prison terms. Some have copped a plea, mostly to parading and interfering with Congress.

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