Killing businesses and airlines, deprivation of liberty, & The Great Reset


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top bureaucratic infectious disease expert, declared this week that he believes Christmas celebrations between family members should be canceled. He warned that it’s “just one of the things you’re going to have to accept as we go through this unprecedented challenging time.”

Even if we get the second dose of the vaccine, we are being told we still can’t go back to normal. We will only get back to normal after EVERYONE has the vaccine. Of course, everyone won’t get the vaccine. In many cases, Democrats scared people off from getting the vaccine.

Mark Dice has this exactly right here, but he might be wrong on how quickly things will get better under Joe Biden:

There is another possibility as to the goal of the people behind the lockdowns. Consider that we know lockdowns do not stop the illness and are used to stop it. Take California as an example of this. The arbitrary laws go well beyond what is needed.

Laura Ingraham thinks it’s to push us into The Great Reset, which is real. The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory. John Kerry is pushing it. A former NSC official warns of the coming dangers of the ideology taking Western nations by storm.

If we can’t go back to normal, and airlines are ruined, small businesses are destroyed, and we get used to this deprivation of liberties, we will be ready for The Great Reset.

Watch this clip with Laura Ingraham:

The Great Reset from Sky News:

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