Biden in France: Trashes Trump, Tells Fake Tales, Shuffles Around


A new CBS poll shows that Donald Trump’s guilty verdict on 34 counts of fraud is not an issue. People are more concerned about the economy, inflation, and the border. The race is tied. Since Biden is the walking dead, Donald Trump should be ten points ahead. However, the media and Democrats have succeeded in making DJT an object of hate with their smear campaigns. They pay no price for it.

There is some negative impact, but not a lot.

The poll shows that Trump has the edge nationally, 50-49 percent, but Biden is slightly ahead in the battleground states by the exact same margin, 50-49. Seventeen percent say the verdict is a “minor factor,” 28 percent say it’s a “major factor,” but 55 percent say it’s simply “not a factor.” For those already planning to vote for Trump, however, a whopping 71 percent reveal it’s just not important and 14 percent say their reason to vote for him will be to “show support” after his conviction.

What that says to me is Judge Merchan will imprison Donald Trump to bring his poll numbers down.

J.D. Vance was angry with Biden for going to Normandy and trashing Donald Trump. Biden used the opportunity to claim falsely that he called our military “suckers and losers.”

In a minute-long video online of Biden’s speech at Pointe du Hoc, He attacked Trump for reportedly disparaging service members, including calling them “losers” and “suckers.” The media knows full well that this was debunked but keeps reporting it as if it is a legitimate report.

If Biden wins, it’s Barack Obama’s fourth term, and Democrats want the Marxists to win. They are so close.

Biden thinks Ukraine is Iraq.

Being in Normandy reminded Uncle Joe of Uncle Bosey, who he once again said was eaten by cannibals. Uncle Bosey’s plane went down in World War II in an area where there were no cannibals.

Biden did his dementia shuffle in France.

He also claimed he was the son of the American Revolution. He’s older than I thought. I checked the membership of the actual organization, Sons of the American Revolution and he’s not on it. However, his ancestors were descendants of Jefferson Davis’s wife. His ancestors also had slaves.

Jefferson Davis with his wife Varina Howell, Biden’s ancestor.
Some of the silly responses were funny. Here’s one exchange:

Real Johnny Bravo: He actually grew up with James Madison and Nikolai Tesla in France and volunteered for the American Revolution, but he had five college deferments and then was hit with Asthma. Martha Washington said it would be best if he didn’t go. Do you think I’m kidding, man? I’m not, Jack!

Catherine USA: Was that before or after he was raised as a Catholic Jew in a black, Greek, and Puerto Rican neighborhood where he got oil cancer and later drove an 18-wheeler after going to the Naval Academy and getting drafted by the NFL?

The sad thing is he gets away with it, and half the country will vote for him, a figurehead for the Marxists:

Ed.D. Jill had a long, overly dramatic bow and train on her butt as she led Uncle Joe up the stairs successfuly.

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