US Dept. of Commerce Moves to Ban Anonymity on Cloud


According to Reclaim the Net, the Department of Commerce hopes to ban anonymous users from the Cloud. Will all online platforms be next?

The Documents uploaded by Reclaim the Net detail new rules (National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities) for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, which include a Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation, which is normally used by banks and financial institutions.

The US government is concerned about “malicious foreign actors” and how they use these services as a reason to end anonymity on the cloud. It doesn’t stop at foreigners. They will make Americans sign in with a user ID.

We have open borders with no vetting, and the US government doesn’t care, but they want us to believe they are doing this to protect us.

It will be a new source for the government and companies like Amazon to get Americans’ personal data.

The only losers here appear to be users of IaaS platforms. They will have to allow tech giants yet another way to access their sensitive personal information and risk losing it through leaks.

The malicious actors, the alleged targets, won’t give up those services.

Cloud service providers have not felt the need to set up a KYC regime until now. Biden’s authoritarian government wants it.

As for what the proposal considers to be an IaaS, the list is long. It includes services providing processing, storage, networks, content delivery networks (CDNs), virtual private servers (VPSs), proxies, domain name resolution services, and more.

TikTok, Time Is Up

At the same time, we should be worried about TikTok. The US government says the app is controlled by China. China wants our personal data, but so does the US government. Congress decided to pass legislation banning TikTok after 702 was passed without addressing surveillance of Americans. We should be more afraid of 702.

Whether it’s illegal to ban TikTok, we can’t say, but it certainly could be.

Meanwhile, our borders are wide open. People from all over the world just stroll in, and some are very bad people. The US government is fine with that, even though Iran has allegedly set up heavily armed sleeper cells with target lists. Even as military-age men from China, Russia, and around the world pour into the US.

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