Biden invites UN psychos to the US to scrutinize our human rights abuses


The Biden administration is inviting United Nations racism and human rights envoys to visit the United States amid domestic debate over the alleged ill treatment of minorities in America

The State Department announced late Tuesday that the administration would issue a standing invitation to all U.N. envoys, known as special rapporteurs, who compile information on race and discrimination and report back to the world body, ABC ‘news’ reported.

In a statement, Blinken said President Joe Biden’s administration “is deeply dedicated to addressing racial injustice and inequities at home and abroad.”

He said the administration would “lead by example” on the global stage by allowing international scrutiny of its own issues and publicly confronting them.

“Responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record. Rather, they should be transparent with the intent to grow and do better. That is why I’m announcing a formal invitation for @UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism to visit the U.S. “on contemporary forms of racism to visit the U.S.,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tweeted.

According to the ACLU, “Special Rapporteurs (“SRs”) are independent experts appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council (formerly the U.N. Commission on Human Rights) with the mandate to monitor, advise and publicly report on human rights situations in specific countries (country mandates) and on human rights violations worldwide (thematic mandates).

Members of the UN Human Rights Council include China, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Eritrea, Gabon, Libya, Russia, and others.

In other words, it’s a council that includes a lot of psychopaths.

The Biden administration hates us, hates this country, and has no bottom line when it comes to degrading us before the world. Joe Biden is a disgrace to this country. Blinken looks very weak with this move.

The country is run by spaghetti-spined lowlife bureaucrats.


Why doesn’t he invite the Rapporteurs to South Africa instead? Did you see the baby thrown off a roof in a mall in South Africa?

Maybe he should invite him to visit China and the gulag where they put the Uighurs who aren’t slaves.

Then there are the Cuban monsters oppressing their people. Invite the UN Rapporteur there instead.

The UN hates us and they will say anything to make us look bad. This is just another Democrat ploy to ‘prove’ we are a systemically racist nation and that it’s really 1964 or 1865.

The US is the freest and best nation in the world and most Americans know it, even some Democrats.

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