No one watches CNBC’s million dollar man Shep Smith


CNBC bosses are shocked that almost no one watches Shep Smith’s show. The fact that they are shocked is shocking.

When it premiered, it had 330,000 viewers. That was twice as many viewers as the Shark Tank reruns that it replaced. Shep’s down to where Shark Tank reruns were and they should just put them back on, save themselves the millions of dollars they pay Shep.


The Daily Beast writes:

But The News with Shepard Smith, the brainchild of CNBC chairman Mark Hoffman, has struggled to attract the millions of viewers who watched Smith every day for years at Fox News, or to produce the fiery breakout viral moments that defined the later part of his tenure at the conservative cable-news giant.

Why would anyone from Fox News go to CNBC to follow Shep? They didn’t follow Megyn Kelly for the same reason they didn’t follow Shep and that is, they don’t like them.

The Beast continues:

According to Nielsen Media Research, the show averaged just 197,000 total viewers in June, losing a third of its viewers since the show’s peak in February, which saw an average of 296,000 nightly viewers. The show is currently the seventh-highest rated program on CNBC and 11th in the key demographic of viewers between the ages of 25 and 54 years old.

The only unanswered question here is who are the 197,000 who watch him and why?

The fact that it is the 7th highest rated with only 197,000 viewers shows you how badly the network does overall.


CNBC spent a lot of money setting him up, built him his own studio. They thought he was going to be worth it. That’s how out of touch they are.

FuzzySlippers at Legal Insurrection wrote, “The problem with Shep, of course, is that no one loved Shep on Fox; his ratings came from his being on Fox and hosting the only somewhat straight news show during a time slot the woke media was busy being woke (thus turning off all viewers who weren’t woke, approximately 70% of the population).”


The CNBC show is touted as a hard-hitting straight news show but if politics is mentioned, Shep gets snarky about Donald Trump and anyone on the right.

The Beast said he has temper tantrums and it is very hard to work for him. That shouldn’t be a surprise since he fought with the night opinion hosts on Fox when the opportunity arose. Early in his career, he ran his car into a female journalist who said he did it deliberately. This is the guy who thinks NYC Mayor de Blasio is doing a great job.

Fox viewers were happy to see him go. We certainly weren’t going to follow him to the enemy network.

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