Biden is destroying New Mexico in only three days on the job


New Mexico’s leaders are anxious that Biden’s war on the energy business will devastate the state’s economy.

Joe Biden allegedly won New Mexico with 54.29% of the vote vs. 43.50% for Trump.

“During his inauguration, President Biden spoke about bringing our nation together. Eliminating drilling on public lands will cost thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and destroy what’s left of our state’s economy,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway told The Associated Press on Friday.

“How does that bring us together? Environmental efforts should be fair and well-researched, not knee-jerk mandates that just hurt an already impoverished state.”

Did people honestly believe that? He intends to destroy the energy industry as the far-left has demanded.


The AP reported that President Joe Biden’s 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits prompted widespread concerns in New Mexico. The money from the industry funds education and other public programs.

Top Republicans in New Mexico say any moves to make permanent the suspension would be economically devastating.

Half of New Mexico’s production happens on federal land. It amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties each year.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office told the AP Friday that the administration is aware of the implications.

“Certainly, we all understand the critical importance of this industry to New Mexico’s bottom line and of the imperative to diversify our state economy and energy portfolio,” Lujan Grisham spokeswoman Nora Meyers Sackett said in an email, the AP reported.




  1. Sad trombone plays a sad tone. (S)elections have consequences.
    About time to upload that pic of Trump laughing his ass off at the podium for meme magic.
    Enjoy your Dear Papa Joe, New Mexico comrades.
    You did build that.

    • If you think any of these crackpot decrees came from Joe Biden, you’re mistaken. He hasn’t had an original idea since his first wet dream as a teenager. They were put together by true belieber interns and scripted by party hacks.

      There’s a reason Joe doesn’t answer questions during press conferences, and it has nothing to do with naps or pudding cups. He’s a worn-out Ni-Cad battery who can no longer hold a charge for long.

  2. You idiots were thinking sleepy joe and kamel toe were gonna give you handouts. Not take your handouts away. That’s what you get for voting for democrats you losers.

  3. I hate to see New Mexico further impoverished. Poverty already terrible, and the Native Americans also have too much poverty on their reservation.
    There’s a lot of crime, car theft bad in Albuquerque.
    They do have a lot of sunshine, more desert sun than anywhere.
    Maybe they can install solar panels.
    I don’t think you can grow anything in the desert without lots of water, and the Rio Grande river owns every drop to someone on its route.
    Letting them continue to drill for oil would help the people in New Mexico, but probably enrage the people in New York and San Francisco, so it doesn’t look like there will be drilling in New Mexico.

  4. You reap what you sow deal with it. This is what democrats do . The only agenda they have ever had is tax and spend. When the real socialist take over they will be taking all your money, of course until that runs out.

  5. Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham credits President Biden with initiating incentives for New Mexico to diversify into more promising enterprises that will be beneficial to the global climate. To insure the availability of the essential work force, he is also opening the borders to a flood of enthusiastic newcomers seeking the opportunity to gain a foothold on the wealth opportunities of a new country. Good luck, Michelle! You wanted Biden, you got Biden.

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