Jill Biden’s PR stunt — 2 baskets of cookies for tens of thousands of troops

Jill and her two baskets of cookies

The Biden team turned the Capitol into an armed North Korean camp and made an unruly mob inside the Capitol into their Reichstag fire. They are keeping over 10,000 troops in the Capitol. Will they have enough parking garages available to house them?

One Democrat congressman is looking into permanent fencing.

This is the dreary world the Democrats want for us.

The Democrats didn’t trust our military, police, or Secret Service so Biden hired private security. His team had our National Guard vetted as if they were criminals. The new defense secretary Lloyd Austin will screen the military for Trump voters and NRA supporters, looking at them as the enemy. He will also look for racists and we imagine it only applies to whites. The new Democrat domestic terrorism laws will aim the DHS, FBI, NSA all at Americans, right-wing Americans.

Sending the National Guard to sleep on the floor of parking garages finally got the Bidens some bad press.

Dr. Jill decided to thank the troops, only after the bad press, with a cheap photo-op, taking a couple of basket of cookies to tens of thousands of troops.

They can’t even do PR ops right. That was her thanks for keeping them safe. Safe from what? There is no real threat, and the unruly mob on the 6th was not a team of insurrectionists. This is all nuts.

Hundreds of the troops now have COVID just so Joe could have his party.



  1. Now go sleep on the

    parking garage floor.

    Bringing a basket of cookies

    to neglected, disrespected

    service members is like

    showing off your 20000 dollar

    freezer stocked with ice cream

    to people laid off, struggling

    to make ends meet because

    of virus restrictions imposed

    by the government.

    The tone deafness of democrats

    never fails to amaze.

    But, no cookie for anyone that

    voted for Trump.

    And we know exactly who you are!

    Her husband is 2 days in office and

    thousands put out of work.

    Let the soldiers eat cookies.

    You have to wonder who thought

    this was a good idea.

    You know Joe wanted those

    cookies and milk before nap time.

    A dozen crappy cookies for

    25, 000 Troops.

    They offer cookies to troops who

    suffered in the cold while the

    elites questioned their loyalty?

    Hope she didn’t take them

    Hunter’s stash of cookies

    by mistake.

  2. While on a European vacation my mother was able to visit East Berlin in the mid 70s and what she described is what Democrats in their fear and loathing of “we the people” are turning our beautiful capital into.

  3. Are they going to screen our external enemies for wrongthink?
    Oh…they don’t care about good feelz and other cloud cuckoo delusional happy horseshit.
    There’s a big iceberg up ahead of the unsinkable ship and it says reality on the side.

  4. Perhaps she thought she could perform a miracle? Like the loaves and fishes, except with chocolate chips and snickerdoodles. But the Biden’s are no messiah.

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