Dems want higher drug prices?


Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday stopped President Trump’s executive orders set to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.

“The HHS Thursday froze the former Trump administration’s December drug policy that requires community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients,” Bloomberg Law reported Thursday. “Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.”

“This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies,” the report noted. “If the previous administration’s policies raise ‘fact, law, or policy’ concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

A report for Bloomberg Government said the Biden administration is on a “different page” about curbing drug prices than the Trump administration.

They will re-evaluate in March.

Biden has been on the job for three days and destroyed girl’s sports, damaged the oil and gas industry, cost tens of thousands of jobs, came up with a communistic immigration policy, is proposing policies to bailout blue states and his special interest groups, and sent a message to the CCP that our power grid is open to them.

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