Biden is the return of Jimmy Carter with a mask, he will ruin the country


A reporter asked Joe Biden why he wears a mask so often when he and the people around him at the White House are all vaccinated. He told a joke with a nasty edge and then said because it’s good policy.

This is from the party of science.

What is the scientific reason? Or is this just political?

The politicized CDC doesn’t even suggest masks outdoors with people at a distance.

In any case, does he actually know what he is saying?


When asked about the terrible jobs report, he said with a fake laugh, “You might think we should be disappointed.” He’s not disappointed since this is the socialism he and his puppetmasters want.

Biden is the next Jimmy Carter. We are headed for inflation, perhaps even stagflation if his policies of tax and spend socialism continue.

This is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The annual inflation rate in the US jumped to 2.6% in March of 2021 from 1.7% in February, slightly above market forecasts of 2.5%. It is the highest reading since August of 2018 with main upward pressure coming from energy (13.2% vs 3.7% in February), namely gasoline (22.5% vs 1.6%), electricity (2.5% vs 2.3%) and utility gas service (9.8% vs 6.7%). Prices also accelerated for used cars and trucks (9.4% vs 9.3%), shelter (1.7% vs 1.5%) and new vehicles (1.5% vs 1.2%) while inflation slowed for medical care services (2.7% vs 3%) and food (3.5% vs 3.6%). Also, cost of apparel continued to fall (-2.5% vs -3.6%). The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are weighing on prices since in March 2020 many businesses closed and lockdowns were imposed, denting economic activity. Also, a jump in commodities and material costs, coupled with supply constraints, are pushing producer prices up and some companies are passing those costs to clients.

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