Biden Kicks Off His Campaign Bragging About His Economy in a Demented State


Joe Biden kicked off his administration-wide “Investing in America” tour. He’s campaigning with taxpayer dollars, boasting about his economy that’s somewhere in the sewer. He began his tour in Minnesota. While there, he touted U.S. manufacturing at a Cummins facility in Minnesota, after the company announced a $1 billion investment. The media described his visit as if he sounded normal. Americans don’t get to see how pixilated he is, thanks to the media.

Biden is pouring a $2 billion investment (taxes) into Minnesota in an early vote-getting move.

He began his speech by letting everyone know he is bonkers. Usually, when you’re trying to impress people, you don’t tell them to sit when there aren’t any seats.

Joe is demented. It was evident in Minnesota. He creepily and falsely claimed, again, that he cut the deficit $1.7 trillion. Look at the facial expression he’s making.

Befogged and befuddled, he couldn’t find Mayor Frey because he wasn’t there.

News flash! Biden lied about not taxing people making under $400,000. He’s raising taxes on people who make $20,000.

What is he saying here?

Again, what did he say?

Fortunately, staffers were on alert so they could tell him how to get off the stage.

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