Biden leaves his basement to attend secret rallies with Obama


Joe Biden giving a speech a while back is going viral once again. It’s so him. He said, “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure.”

I’m so glad, aren’t you? I always wanted to see trunalimunumaprzure mobilized.

Perhaps this is why his next two rallies in Michigan will be held with Barack Obama and they will be kept secret.


That clip went viral and the responses were brutal:

Finally someone who is willing to speak out on trunalimunumaprzure.

Top rated issue for voters!

Finally. The elephant in the room. SOMEONE finally addresses trunalimunumaprzure.

This is a ridiculous candidate and a ridiculous campaign.

Joe Biden and his ex-boss former President Barack Obama are scheduled to hold two joint-appearance rallies in Flint and Detroit, Michigan on Saturday. However, the public is not invited and the locations of the drive-in rallies have not been disclosed.

WJRT-TV, Flint: “Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Flint on Saturday. They are planning to take part in a drive-in event around 1:45 p.m. at an undisclosed location. The event is closed to the public, but will be live-streamed on the Biden-Harris campaign website…”

That will allow them to edit it.

On Saturday, October 31, ex-President Obama and Joe Biden will travel to Michigan to discuss bringing Americans together to address the crises facing the country and winning the battle for the soul of the nation.

Hopefully, they’re joking. The right doesn’t want to unite with these Marxists. And Marxists don’t want to unite with the right.

In the afternoon, ex-President Obama and Vice President Biden will deliver remarks at a drive-in event in Flint to encourage Michiganders to vote.

After, President Obama and Biden will deliver remarks at a drive-in event in Detroit to encourage Michiganders to vote.

He has the most absurd campaign I have ever seen. He hides in his basement or hides his rallies. Few people attend when they’re not hidden.


Biden wouldn’t want a repeat of his last ‘chumps’ rally.

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