Cartel-tied Mexican governor wants no-deportations Joe to win


Mexican governor, Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles, took to social media to ask people originating from his state who live in the U.S. to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The cartel-tied governor said it was an opportunity to end “a long night of racism and hate.”

The governor is a sketchy guy. A top cartel boss previously accused the governor of exchanging money for votes in his own election.

Michoacan is overrun by cartels.

During a video posted to Twitter, Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles asked “paisanas and paisanos” in the U.S. to vote in support of Biden, claiming that President Donald Trump hates migrants.

“This November 3, the U.S. is having elections that are determining for you who live and work and have family on the other side,” Aureoles said. “You have an opportunity to choose a humanitarian government with a different approach that knows and understands the needs of migrants.”


What a joke this guy is. Fourteen police officers were slaughtered serving a warrant last October under his watch, and all he has to worry about is electing open borders Biden.

Biden said he would end deportations on the first day, lasting at least 100 days. What more could the cartels want?

Joe Biden announced that if elected, he will stop all deportations in his first 100 days. So, open borders in other words. He calls it a moratorium to make it seem as if he’s not opening the borders officially.

He supports H.R.5383 The New Way Forward Act which decriminalizes illegal border crossings and protects dangerous felons from deportation. It gives previously deported aliens, including criminals, a “right to come home” at taxpayer expense. And it turns the entire country into a sanctuary.

Aureoles praised Biden for pledging to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the United States and declared that Biden “has a vision for all Americans–even for those who don’t yet have papers.”

Who knows how many are tied to cartels since none of them will be vetted.

Slamming Trump, Aureoles said, “While Donald Trump builds walls to stop migrants and separates families, and promotes hate and racism against those who need to go to the other side [of the border]. At the same time, he only benefits the rich.”


This is a man whose district is basically run by cartels.

He called on Mexicans living in the U.S. who have voting rights to give voice to those “living in the shadows.”

One Twitter user responded, “We all knew that Silvano Aureoles is completely irresponsible, but in this video, he makes it public.”

Another wrote, “This is the Head of the State Executive Power of the great State of Michoacán, meddling, openly and blatantly in the electoral process of another country … and with all the official burden, flags and signature. That’s too much.”

Still, another wrote, “Instead of meddling in the electoral process of the neighboring country, Mr. Silvano Aureoles Conejo should address the multiple problems of Michoacán such as the insecurity that has left hundreds of deaths in his state.”

People go missing all the time in Michoacan. That is what he should worry about.

He is awful.

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