Biden says, “America is dead” because of COV


Gloom and doom Biden has been portraying our future as one of despair and misery. He keeps saying we are facing a dark winter, but he went one step further in Iowa. He actually said, “America is dead because of COVID-19.”

He’s right, if he gets elected, America will be dead.

Ironically, in the full speech, he told people to keep their optimism. People are out of work because of extreme and ineffective lockdowns, and he wants more of them. He hasn’t figured that out yet.

Biden said in his full speech that President Trump didn’t tell us how bad it was in January. Didn’t President Trump’s travel ban on China give him a clue?

You can watch the full speech on this link but at this point, he’s just yelling and stringing words together.

Biden is the minister of darkness while President Trump is trying to keep our spirits up:



  1. Bob Ross is not amused. Mr Rogers is not encouraged by these negative waves.
    We’ll hit the Tiger tanks from the rear where the engine is housed and the armor is weak.
    Kelly will lead the way and he is a cowboy, I like our chances.

  2. Young voters may be moving away from Biden due to the news of massive corruption, plus they want to live instead of shutting down.

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