Bombshell: US Admin Worked with Universities to Censor Americans


Representative Jim Jordan exposed yet another avenue of illegal government censorship. Elon Musk shared the information that Representative Jordan posted in a series of tweets, which has the Left infuriated.

Representative Jordan said that the federal government, disinformation experts at universities, big tech, and others worked together through the Election Integrity Partnership to monitor and censor American speech. According to one EIP member, the EIP was created at the request of CISA.

In one tweet, Chair Jim Jordan produced the documents backing it up.

He said that this is how it worked:
  1. EIP stakeholders, including the federal government, would submit misinformation reports.
  2. The EIP would analyze the report and find similar content across platforms.
  3. Then, the EIP would submit the report to big tech, often recommending how to censor.

The Judiciary Weaponization Committee obtained these documents from Stanford only after the threat of contempt. You can read the details here.

The targets are very interesting. They include Donald Trump, Senator Thom Tillis, Newt Gingrich, Governor Mike Huckabee, MTG, Molly Hemingway, PNJABAN, Charlie Kirk 11, real Candace O, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson, Tom Fitton, the Babylon Bee, Newsmax, Michelle Malken, Shawn M Dav [Davis], Rubin report, Paul Sperry, Tracy Beanz, Chanel Rion, James O’Keefe III, and others. They targeted factual information, jokes, and political opinions. Representative Jordan provided examples.

They are all conservatives.

Despite the documentation, the left is claiming they’re all lies, and they’re putting in community notes trying to discredit the information. People should read it for themselves and make their own decisions.

This isn’t new information. It’s just being broadcast once again. We learned about it from Matt Taibbi.

Molly Hemingway tweeted it out with the following comment. “I’m still processing today’s news that I was personally targeted by my government for suppression of my speech rights. I’m extremely angry but also just sad at what our government has become.”

She is a threat. That’s why the Left must discredit her.

The first in the series of tweets:

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