Biden lies, says intel community has cleared his family of wrongdoing


Joe Biden claimed that the “vast majority” of the intelligence community has concurred that there is “no basis at all” for corruption allegations against him and his son Hunter Biden.

That is absurd.

He said, “And, you know, and all and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said, there’s no basis at all.”

The FBI is looking into Hunter’s laptop, and we know it’s tied to money laundering. The evidence is just coming out, and the Senate has just begun to investigate.

Of course, if Biden wins, all the corruption gets swept under the carpet.

On Tuesday, the FBI and the Department of Justice agreed with DNI Ratcliffe that the information released about Biden and his troubled son Hunter was not Russian disinformation.

Biden continues to spread the lie that it’s part of a desperate smear campaign by the opposition.

The media is backing him up and refusing to report any of the facts, except for Fox News and the NY Post.

The Senate with Ron Johnson leading the charge certainly disagrees that the situation is resolved.

Biden’s response to this is, “Ron should be ashamed of himself.” Then he quoted betrayer and anti-Trumper Mitt Romney, claiming “there’s no basis to this.”

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