Hard-left Bernie plans to serve as co-president with Biden — and Harris


Bernie reveals a plan for his own 100-day agenda to rival Biden’s. In other words, he is regarding Joe Biden’s presidency as his.

Bernie, a communist who calls himself a Democratic socialist, says he’s prepared to back primary challenges against ANY Democrats who doesn’t move to a progressive agenda.
“You’re damn right I am.”

He plans to pay for the unemployed, housing, and provide government healthcare for free while we have $30 trillion in debt. We can’t possibly afford this.

Bernie is crazy and most people in the United States used to know that.

He said the first thing Democrats will do is “pass a massive stimulus bill.” He will bail out New York and other blue states with failed policies and budgets filled with reckless spending.

Immediately, he will push union membership, raise the minimum wage, spend lavishly on infrastructure.

Bernie is still spreading the lie that Donald Trump won’t leave office if he loses.


The candidate is pathetic and will be a pushover.

The full clip:

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