Biden Lifts Oil and Gas Sanctions on Iran-Hamas Ally



The Biden administration has lifted oil and gas sanctions on Venezuela for six months in exchange for Maduro holding fair elections with Independent candidates. Socialist dictator Nicholas Madura will now be able to sell oil in the US and international markets.

Make sure you don’t buy it. He has very deep ties to Iran and Hamas. He also hates Israel.

Venezuela has been known to give generous gifts to Iran. He has given Iran farmland, and Hezbollah does Paramilitary training exercises in Venezuela. It is important to note that we are getting a lot of Venezuelans who are not vetted from over our southern border. We are getting young military-age men from Venezuela and a few women. The same goes for China.

Biden’s trying to be a social engineer, and all he’s doing is funding both sides of the war. Sadly, he’s providing more funds to the Hamas side. Remember when Robert Gates said that Biden is always wrong? Well, Mr. Gates was right.

The Treasury Department said the exports of crude oil and refined petroleum exports, as well as gold, will be lifted for six months, an expiration date designed to allow the penalties to snap back in place if Maduro reneges on his promise to let independent candidates run in next year’s Venezuelan presidential election and to allow election experts and the international media to monitor it.

This is the same day that the US okayed the UN releasing the sanctions on Iran’s buying and selling missiles and drones

The head of the Iranian Armed Forces, major general Mohammed Hossain Baqeri, hinted to Russian defense minister, Sergie Shoigu, that American, and other international support for Israel could make other actors intervene against it.

Iran wants to exterminate Israel and everyone in the country. They are allied with Russia. Someone needs to step on the brakes, but who?

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