Hillary’s Tentacles Are Back in the White House


Axios reports that Dennis Cheng, a long-time Hillary Clinton aide and fundraiser, will join the White House team as deputy political director.

He will be part of a small team setting the direction for Biden’s official reelection campaign. Cheng knows how to keep donors happy, Axios reports. It also puts Hillary’s long tentacles into the White House again.

Dennis Cheng

Many have complained the Biden White House hasn’t given them enough attention. And those relationships are very important as November 2024 approaches.

Democrats are going to spend $2 billion to keep the White House. That’s sick.

Currently, Biden has two aides, but he is not in full campaign mode yet.

Top Biden advisors liked the contrast of him acting as a “statesman,” as congressional Republicans struggled to elect a House Speaker and lay bare their internal divisions.

Biden’s acting like a statesman? Who knew? He can’t even string two sentences together, and anyone paying attention knows he’s not in charge. Obama’s advisors, well-positioned in the White House, are running around rogue, controlling whatever suits their interests.

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