Biden lives in Delaware? We thought he lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave


When asked about Biden’s two recent weekend trips to Delaware, Jen Psaki defended them by saying, “The President lives in Wilmington. It’s his home.”

She accidentally admitted he’s not really in residence, but we knew that. The basement in Delaware is calling.

He travels every weekend when I’m not allowed to travel anywhere!

Psaki said when asked about the trips to Wilmington each week, “Well, the President lives in Wilmington. It’s his home. That’s where he lived for many, many years. And, as you know, as any president of the United States does, he takes a private airplane called Air Force One to travel there. That is, of course, a unique — unique from most Americans. But I think most Americans would also see that as a unique circumstance.”

If he’s going to travel about, he must be a neanderthal. If this is role modeling, then I guess we can all go to Delaware on vacation. They have lovely beaches.

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