Geraldo: we need lettuce, onion, broccoli pickers who fed us during the pandemic


Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro had a fight on ‘Hannity’ last night. You might find it interesting.

Geraldo Rivera explained that the plan to bring in nearly a million lettuce pickers is a great idea — we need them. He went on about illegal immigrants as essential workers. Meanwhile, he didn’t seem to object to the idea of hundreds of thousands pouring in illegally.

Judge Jeanine and Sean Hannity want legal immigration.

Brawling Over Essential Workers

Judge Jeanine didn’t agree with Geraldo and asked him why we needed them.

“Why? Because they were picking our lettuce and our onions and our broccoli, they were feeding America.” Rivera stated, justifying their presence in the country even though they are breaking the law.

“Who deemed them essential!” Pirro angrily asked Rivera.

“They were deemed essential workers a year ago, a year ago during the height of the pandemic…” Rivera replied.

“Oh, so you’re saying Trump made an exception,” Pirro stated.

“They were deemed essential workers. Are they less essential now than they were then?” Rivera countered.

“We’ve got a pandemic. We have 17 million Americans out of work. We do not need…” Pirro said before being interrupted, after repeated interruptions.

“Seventeen million Americans out of work are not going to go back to picking lettuce or go back to the meatpacking plant or the poultry processing plant!” Rivera screamed at her.

“This is not the refugee landing point!” Pirro pounded home. “Look, Geraldo, we can barely afford our taxes now!”

Hannity ended the fight.

“I know how to solve it,” he stated and then listed his solutions which included policies put in place by Trump. That means building the wall and having an enforceable system to handle immigration, Hannity said.

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