Biden loses it at one point, will gut the filibuster


During Biden’s first [discombobulated] presser as president, he made it clear that he thinks every youth coming to this country is entitled to come and stay. He won’t send them home. Instead, he will keep them here.

He also made it clear that he will support the gutting of the filibuster.

Biden wants the filibuster eliminated although he claims he just wants a change. He claimed the filibuster is being abused so he wants to go back to the talking filibuster which will be like no filibuster. The President plans to push through the entire socialist agenda with a slim mandate and without any Republicans.



A reporter asked how far he would go to push his [socialist] agenda. Biden said the most urgent problem is COVID-19 and the economic dislocation.

He then said about immigration, guns, and other things mentioned will be addressed one at a time.

The fundamental problem, he says, is getting people some peace of mind over COV.

As far as Republican resistance, if they don’t work with him and continue to divide the country, he will “move forward.”

Biden will make progress on all the issues. He claims he will solve problems.

Another reporter said the perception of him is he’s a “decent man” and they are coming because of it.

Biden said he’s flattered because he’s a “good guy.” Then he said “nothing has changed” and it “happens every year.” That’s not accurate, check the WSJ figures.

Then he insulted Donald Trump and complained about him shutting down the border, falsely distracting people from the truth.

The President complained that there weren’t enough beds, but that was because there were far fewer people coming in thanks to DJT respecting our borders.

He falsely claimed he has to rebuild what DJT dismantled. Then he added the overwhelming majority of people are being sent back. That is also not true. He basically deports about 13%.

Biden blatantly lied and said the numbers of illegals coming hasn’t changed.

Joe made excuses for the children in cages in crowded situations. Then he pretended Mexico won’t take their citizens back. Most of the people coming are Central American.

The children are going to be put in army bases.

The reporters are not rude and abusive as they were to DJT and his spokespersons.

He was very vague on when anything is happening.

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