Here are the DEVASTATING effects of the COVID lockdown policies


A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found alarming results regarding Americans’ ability to manage stress, citing rising levels of alcohol consumption, weight gain, and mental health issues within the last year, Townhall reported, as per WeThePeople.

The APA survey was conducted in February, one year into the pandemic.

The results reveal a growing health crisis of stress and the devastating effects of the Covid lockdowns on Americans across the county.

The survey found that 61 percent of respondents experienced undesired weight change, with the average for those who gained weight being 29 pounds and the average for those who lost weight being 26 pounds. Notably, Millennials reported the largest average weight gain of 41 pounds.

The APA also reported dramatic changes in the sleeping and drinking habits of American adults. Noting that 67 percent have been sleeping either more or less than they desired and 25 percent have been consuming more alcohol to cope with the stress of the pandemic.

Nearly half of the mothers and 30% of fathers report worsening mental health.

Another 54% of essential workers relied on “unhealthy habits to get through the pandemic,” and a quarter reported a new mental health diagnosis.

Americans are struggling through this pandemic. The devastating stress is seriously harming the mental health of Americans. Politicians need to understand this when the next disease hits and they want to go to extremes.

The lockdowns were too extreme for too long. It was supposed to be two weeks and much of what they did was to make Trump look bad because they don’t give a hoot about us.

Then you have the powerful Dr. Anthony Fauci accommodating the CCP, almost totally oblivious to suffering from lockdowns and not following the science.

Oh, and open up!!!

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2 years ago

If we did absolutely nothing and loss 2% of the Population in a Pandemic, it would have been less destructive that what the Bureaucrats force the Trump Administration to do. The Democrat Covid Hoax was all about the destruction of the US Economy, specifically small business. Democrats can’t get elected when Americans have Jobs.

2 years ago

The direct result of the fear porn by Big Media, and more so, Fauci. I wasn’t affected at all because I didn’t fall for the hype.

On Walden Pond
On Walden Pond
2 years ago

Dear ol’ Uncle Joe is here to help with a pat on the head and some corn pops for your working class lunch box.
Doncha love how the Mockinbird enemedia (CCP) never mentions where the dastardly Black Death 2.0 (gasp!) originated.
Comrade kommissar Fraudci has some insider info about that.