Biden Made a Fool of Himself During His Speech Today


Biden is securing the label of the worst president in history, and Kamala Harris is terrible in every way imaginable. The Secretary of State and the Generals are inept at best. Biden doesn’t do any work if one watches his daily schedule.

Everything is terrible and getting worse. The progressive Democrats created this calamity and made certain they got this figurehead president in place.

Our president can’t even give a speech.

Biden’s schedule today was busier than usual. He received his daily briefing and then he gave a speech. He couldn’t get through the speech without lying and flubbing.

Joe Biden thinks teachers own the children once they step into their classroom. Apparently, Joe didn’t learn anything from the Virginia elections. Parents are very tired of the State and teachers’ unions trying to usurp their roles.

He is a bit unaware:

Biden lied once again about teaching at the University of Pennsylvania:

Aside from Biden lying as to why he got involved in politics, he abuses power constantly. For example, he’s breaking the law every day at the border.

Apparently, Biden doesn’t know his Secretary of Education.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State who is way in over his head.

Blinken spread misinformation about Afghanistan. The Taliban just banned women from college.

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1 year ago

I disagree. God made a fool of Biden; Biden just proves what God made, every day.

1 year ago

The predator Joe Biden looking for a way to continue fondling and molesting young children via his bogus “announcement”. Wondering what his excuse was when he molested his then minor-age daughter who grimaces whenever a photo is taken with her alongside her predator-pedophile father.

1 year ago

Beau Biden Foundation ‘To Protect Children’ Scores Millions But Spends Only a Fraction on Helping Kids

Incorporated in Delaware less than a month after Beau’s death. Offers workshops aimed at teaching adults ‘how predators groom their child-victims’. (No joke!)