Hochulmander Map Tossed by Top Court as Unconstitutional


New York’s highest court tossed the Democrats’ gerrymander map, sarcastically referred to as the Hochulmander after unelected Governor Hochul.

According to Dave Wasserman, a Cook Political reporter, “the NY ruling likely costs Democrats at least three seats they otherwise would have captured under the gerrymander, a devastating result you can’t message your way out of.”

“In a 4-3 ruling, NY’s top court has turned Dems’ 2022 House outlook from terrible to potentially horrific,” he continued.

Cook report:

In a 4-3 ruling Wednesday afternoon, New York’s Court of Appeals turned House Democrats’ 2022 from terrible to potentially horrific by affirming a lower court finding that Democrats’ new congressional map violates the state’s new anti-gerrymandering law. The map Republicans derided as a “Hochulmander” promised to creatively stretch Democrats’ lead in the state from 19D-8R to 22D-4R, their most dramatic redistricting gain in the country.

The ruling came as a modest surprise because all seven judges on the state’s top court are Democratic appointees and the April 7 filing deadline for the June 28 primary had already passed. But the court affirmed the map was “unconstitutionally drawn with political bias” to “significantly reduce the number of competitive districts” based on a “one-party process” and ordered the primary delayed, likely until August.

Even worse for Democrats, the court isn’t giving the Democratic legislature any chance to draw a remedial plan. Instead, a lower court in Steuben County has appointed Carnegie Mellon postdoctoral fellow Jonathan Cervas at a rate of $90,000 to draw a preliminary “non-partisan” map by May 16, with

Republicans are the winners. Hochul is a loser.

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1 year ago

The accidental-governor and biolab-affiliated Hochul woman is highly complicit in the downfall of that state which never fully recovered after 911. Her only concerns are installing ‘safe sites’ for heroin-fentanyl junkies and legalizing cartel-run marijuana.

1 year ago

Even the Democrats are getting sick and tired of what the Democrats are doing.

I understand that there’s a bi-partisan call for a Special Prosecutor to go after Hunter Biden and “The Big Guy”, Joe Biden for their financial tricks and lying to America about the “business deals”.

Even Pelosi is said to want the stupid son-of-a-bitch removed from office.