Biden Makes a Surprise Visit to Ukraine While Trump Heads for Ohio


Biden went to Kiev before he went to East Palestine… McConnell says the biggest priority in America is Ukraine… Kamala Says defeating Russia is our biggest priority… Rishi Sunak says the war in Ukraine is a global war… Let that all sink in and marinate…

~ Malcolm Flex, MMA fighter

Basement Joe made a surprise visit to Ukraine, a non-NATO nation today to show solidarity with Ukraine. In case you didn’t notice, Biden has declared war on Russia unofficially as if he were the US dictator. As Biden schmoozes with Mr. Zelensky, Donald Trump heads to Ohio.

America Last Joe, America First Donald.

The leadership in DC plans to go to war with Russia.


The US warned Russia of Biden’s visit so they wouldn’t blow him up.

Jake Sullivan said, “We did notify the Russians that President Biden would be traveling to Kyiv. We did so some hours before his departure for de-confliction purposes.”

Joe is incrementally declaring war. Now, he’s looking at long-range missiles. This was the plan all along.

Roundtable host Mario Nawfal tweeted that the Russian navy has placed its Nuclear Submarines on a “High-State of Combat Readiness,” has moved its strategic bombers to an air base closer to Ukraine, and will also conduct a “Large-Scale Nuclear Exercise” next week during Biden’s visit to Poland.

Russia also knows Biden unilaterally declared war on the country.

Todd Starnes commented on Twitter. “Looks like somebody forgot to send over the monthly 10 percent cut for the Big Guy. So Biden made a surprise trip to Ukraine to get his money.” 

Notice the empty seats in the next clip. Biden can’t even draw a crowd in Ukraine. This is as he promises another $500 million from this one visit.

The clip is in Ukrainian, but you will notice three English words – rules based order. The cringe-worthy expression refers to the values of the global elite, especially of the World Economic Forum.

This rules based order is the excuse for the expansion of global conflicts in the alleged quest for freedom and democracy.  This is not freedom and democracy for the peasants. It is only for the freedom and financial gain of the elite globalists.

Ukraine is our new Libya, and Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the result will be the same. But the elites will get richer, and the peasants will see a shrinking middle class or worse.

Biden wore a tie with the colors of Ukraine’s flag on this our President’s Day to emphasize where his heart lies in case you have any doubts.

Biden is in Ukraine on President’s Day, and that is meant to be symbolic. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote, “This is incredibly insulting. Today on our President’s Day, Joe Biden, the President of the United States chose Ukraine over America, while forcing the American people to pay for Ukraine’s government and war.“ We’re also paying their bureaucrats’ salaries, pensions, and the nation’s welfare no matter where the Ukrainians are now. They don’t have to be in Ukraine to receive the funds.

We do think Biden should volunteer to go to the front lines in Ukraine to show how sincere his support is.

Air raid sirens went off in Kyiv, as Biden pokes the bear. Biden plans to go to war, but he wants Russia to make the first move.

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3 months ago

Can we just have him stay there?

3 months ago
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Biden knows what can get him reelected, It is the USA election crime network, run by the elites. It is the same thing that elected him in 2020. He knows that provided he can still walk and talk, and he appeals to the NWO while ignoring USA interests, he will be reelected.

Notice that China Mitch and his corrupt gang of RINOs never comment on Biden’s disrespect of the USA. They are on the same team.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 months ago

Nothing like the threat of WW III to take attention away from E. Palestine, the Chinese Spy Balloon, a loss of national sovereignty, our deadly fentanyl epidemic, and an awful economy. See, serfs, something REALLY shiny over here!

3 months ago

I expected Graham to tag along. Surely he wouldn’t want to miss out on what he wrought.