Biden Making USA a Very Dangerous Place, Buses Pouring Into NYC


Five illegal alien buses arrived in Sanctuary New York City on Tuesday. Fox News reports that Adams is busy erecting tents and cots to centralize incoming travelers.

Adams has directed public resources into converting an Orchard Beach parking lot in the Bronx into a tent city for illegal aliens.

Officials intend the camp to be a processing center where migrants can stay for four days before entering the city’s shelter system, which has been overwhelmed by the influx.

The camp, when completed, will feature five massive, heated tents with enough cots to house approximately 1,000 people.

Meanwhile, as many as 8,000 a day pour across our US borders.

Adams argues that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is the “real villain” they should focus on. Many of the buses, however, have been sent by the city of El Paso, Texas, which has a Democratic mayor.

As of Wednesday, a spokeswoman said that El Paso’s Office of Emergency Management had paid for 33 charter buses to travel [to New York]. As we said, the mayor is a Democrat, and his city is overwhelmingly Democrat. The City Council is Democrat.

Adams ignores the truth that the real villain is Joe Biden.

NYC’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro accused a “morally corrupt” Abbott of using the bussing of migrants to the Big Apple as a “political ploy” aimed to “foment anti-immigrant sentiment.”

He’s missing the point.

Abbott says he will continue to send buses until Biden does his Constitutional duty and protects the border.

New York State taxpayers are pouring money into illegal alien lawyers, housing, and anything they need.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

Questions should be asked and looked hard at:

Why certain targeted nations are being stripped of their citizens.

How will these countries survive in their doomed wastelands due to their lack of economy when multitudes of their citizens are being exported to the US by Joe Biden.

Who or what enticed/bribed/promised these nations’ leaders to export their citizens to the US, for what reason(s), and for how much in wealth and glory.

Why are these countries so eager to eliminate their own citizens to the US, under a known racist who has a long history of despising black/brown people.

Last edited 8 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

The Biden Crook, Hiccup Hochul, and the pandering plantation dwelling Eric Adams are the proverbial spiders welcoming the unsuspecting flies into its parlor, promising money, shelter, food, jobs, and clothing. Those illegals have no clue they’ll be (eventually) used as forced slaves in elite households, forced into prostitution for global prostitution rings, ground up as food for starving Americans, and monstrously experimented on by the sadistic serial kyller Fauci Mengele and his Phake Pharma accomplices. Take note of the ugly and long-known fact that Joe Biden is no “humanitarian” and is a vile race-supremacist white trash white privilege low-life who has his own designs for bringing these illegals here. It’s one of the main reasons why the slob was anointed by globalists and dark-state as their ‘front man’ trojan horse.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

‘UNCLE’ Adams never gave a hoot about the REAL NYC citizens in the first place, having thrown in with the Biden crook and global criminals’ promises of wealth and position. Each time bribery is involved it’s certain that lowlifes such as ‘UNCLE’ ERIC will be very efficient in exercising their schemes.

8 months ago

Democrats love Democrat Policies until those policies come to their town.