Biden mandates vaccination or isolation for federal workers


The dumbest US president in our history is mandating all federal workers get vaccinated or submit to frequent testing. The mentally challenged figurehead will incentivize Americans to get vaccinated with $100. He falsely claims it will be paid for by the government, but since the government doesn’t have any money, it will be paid for by the US taxpayer — the 53% of us who actually pay federal taxes.

Biden read the following from his teleprompter or heard it in his earpiece, “It’s time to impose requirements on key groups to make sure they are vaccinated. Every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. Anyone who does not attest will be required to mask no matter where they work and test 1-2 times a week, socially distance, and will generally not be allowed to travel for work.”

This will apply to federal contractors.

Meanwhile, with the help of Catholic Charities, Biden’s administration is spreading COV-infected people throughout our country.

Governor De Santis said the Biden[Bama] administration is sending these COV-infested people into red states. It’s clear that they have good reasons for that. They don’t care if conservatives die and they can blame red states for the spread of COV.

De Santis said 70 percent of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. are heading to his state. Actually, Border Patrol has said that.

BidenBama is literally spreading a deadly disease throughout the USA, and no one is holding him to account. It’s just as the disease was waning.

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Repo Man 1984
Repo Man 1984
2 years ago

I thought congress made laws and mandates?
Oh…they got deleted by the historic pen and phone.
It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of clueless worthless idiots.
100$ ? Bwahaha! That won’t even get a cart full at the Pik N’ Pak.

O/T-1984 Lexicon update, the Pik N’ Pak is deleting all “homestyle” branded products and they are on sale for giveaway prices.
Biscuits of the world unite, to each according to his gravy.