United and Delta fly people here illegally for free to rejoin ‘families?’


Americans, your replacements are being flown at taxpayer expense from Africa and other faraway lands to the United States.

As hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants surge across the southern border each month, migrants from Africa are gaining entry into the United States with free plane tickets paid for with donations or by American taxpayers. United and Delta are flying them in for ‘free’ with other people’s money.

Why can’t these families be reunited in their home country?

According to The Daily Mail, Catholic Charities has assisted more than 700 border crossers with “pass[ing] through the hotels” in southern California before taking off on commercial flights to resettle into the U.S. interior.

Once in the United States, illegals are allowed to bypass photo identification and are able to board flights without a photo ID.  They do not have to verify their coronavirus or vaccination status.

Only Americans have to have a photo ID and vaccinations.

Migrants are relying on the network of nonprofit organizations like Catholic Charities to enter the US.

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