Biden Methane Tax Will Add 17% to Average Bills & Will “Escalate”


The far-left and anti-fossil fuel House slammed America with a “fee” on methane – a “stealth tax” – on natural gas. Everyone who uses gas will pay for it. They will pay a lot, and it’s an “escalating tax.”

The American Gas Association estimates the methane tax could add another 17% to an average customer’s bill.

The House bill is progressive [regressive really] with an “escalating tax on methane emissions by oil and gas producers,” according to a new op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. The tax will hit $1,500 per ton by 2025 and the fee is supposed to be a contribution to recent promises made in Glasgow to curb methane emissions.

The cost of the fee will obviously get passed along to the consumer. It will mean even higher energy prices. The Left wants to make fossil fuels so expensive that only the rich can pay for them. About 180 million  Americans use natural gas to heat their homes, the report says.

The Journal author, Jim West, writes: Even without this new tax, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) is warning that about half of U.S. households that primarily heat with natural gas will pay 30% more this winter than they did a year ago—50% more if this winter is cold. The American Gas Association estimates the methane tax could add another 17% to an average customer’s bill.

Low-income families bear the biggest burden and are hurt three times more than wealthier families.

When Biden claims he is not raising taxes on those who make under $400,000 annually, don’t believe it. He is killing the middle class and it’s deliberate.

Once the tax is in place, Democrats will keep raising it.

As if that isn’t enough, the Administration will issue new methane regulations. “The combination would make oil and gas producers the first industries subject to federal taxes and regulation for greenhouse gas. Industry groups are warning this tax could also result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs,” according to Mr. West.

Americans never voted for this but we are run by agencies and tyrants now. Congress is continually bypassed. We will be taxed without representation into socialism.

Biden is obviously not doing this, and we can’t go after the people behind the curtain because, well, they’re behind the curtain. It’s a perfect storm.


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