Fox Hack Chris Wallace Will Join CNN’s Streaming Service Where He Belongs


Chris Wallace has decided to leave Fox. I think I speak for all of us as I say, I’m beyond heartbroken. Please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

~ Twitter user

Chris Wallace is a liberal hack who pretends to be an unbiased journalist. Appropriately, Wallace is joining CNN’s streaming service.

CNN announced on Sunday that former “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace will join its streaming service as an anchor early next year.

Wallace will host a weekday show that will feature interviews with people involved in politics, business, sports, and culture, according to a statement by CNN.

“I look forward to the new freedom and flexibility streaming affords interviewing major figures across the news landscape — and finding new ways to tell stories,” Wallace said in the statement.

CNN chief Jeff Zucker praised Wallace for his tenure as a journalist and said he would be helping the network build its new streaming service from its start.

“It is not often that a news organization gets the opportunity to bring someone of Chris Wallace’s caliber on board. He is as fine a journalist as there is in our business. This speaks volumes about our commitment to journalism and CNN+, and we are thrilled to have Chris on the ground floor of helping us build the next generation of CNN and news,” Zucker said.

Watch Wallace’s announcement:

Unreliable Sources Stelter announced it as well, saying he’s l”ooking for new ways to tell stories” [lies]:

Here is Steve Cortes calling out one of his biased performances:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This rich spoiled brat, handed everything in life, did so much damage for years, misinforming conservatives. Now, he gets many millions for a new job. Now he can play around with leisurely fluff interviews which require nearly no preparation.

I figure Baier wants to replace him, and will be just as bad. He covers the same topics, with a similar slant, with the same junk guests. But, will Faux give the job to a white male?

No Room For Traitors
No Room For Traitors
1 year ago

Who? Ohh…Chrissy the son of meatball, I had forgot about him and now back to irrelevance for him.
Nom, nom, nom, delicious fizzy lifting drinks!

1 year ago

Awe, gee! I’ll miss that liberal son of bitch!!!…like a sore thumb!

I already change channels when that Piece of Chit comes on at Fox News. Depending on his replacement at Fox, their ratings will likely go up slightly for the programs he hosted there. I’m definitely no the only one that refuses to listen to his liberal bullshit.

He deserves a place last CNN, where the ratings are already in a death spiral.