Biden Might Send Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltic States


According to media reports this evening, including Fox News, Joe Biden, the US president who has dementia, is considering sending thousands of troops to counter Russia.

The plan is to send a few thousand troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states as part of a broader NATO effort to bolster NATO allies that border Russia and Ukraine, given recent tensions, according to Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin.

There is no plan for US troops to fight Russian troops.

Russia is considering putting a puppet government in place in Ukraine.

The warmongers are calling it a security crisis but it isn’t one for the United States. Fighting for Ukraine’s borders while we don’t have any borders is inexplicable to some of us.

Biden told Russia they’d pay a dear price if they invade and it looks like they will. Biden is pulling all Americans out of Ukraine.

When Biden talks about NATO, he’s talking about the US. Europe now relies on Russia for energy and Germany has made it clear they don’t want war with Russia. The German Chancellor wouldn’t even speak with Biden and some of the other European members met without Biden.

The bumbling fool could get us into a war with Russia. Instead of sanctioning Russia before he amassed 150,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, the administration talked, tweeted, and showed the tremendous weakness of the US.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The US government was taken over by a leftist/globalist coup, it has no credibility. The record of the past year, failing in every way the nation, verifies that. To trust them on this is highly gullible. Troops lock the US into an expensive conflict which serves only the deep state and its MIC. If the reaction of the deliberate, destructive failures the past year are to result in another major failure, then the US deserves what it gets. It will fail. America is corrupt and stupid enough to let Biden try to fix his polls for ruining the nation by ruining it more.

Chump Americans fall for it over and over. Intel funnels propaganda to its key media mouthpieces and off we go. There is no reason to suspect this is any different than the Iraq WMD disinformation.