Biden never tires of insulting the US, especially at the UN


Joe Biden hoped to set a new tone from that of his predecessor Donald Trump who spoke of sovereignty for each country, focusing on each country’s own citizens, and American Exceptionalism. Today, he called for collective action in the global community.

Biden’s a globalist and an authoritarian.

When he apologizes for America First policies, he’s calling for globalism, open borders, and authoritarian rule. Biden has no regard for our laws although he swore to uphold them.

According to Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson, President Fubar said no democracy is perfect, including the United States, including America, and suggested America has faced down an “insurrection.” It’s a repeat of what his ambassador to the UN said in April.

Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield in April told a body that if the US is going to join the Human Rights Council, it must recognize that white supremacy is woven into our Founding documents and First Principles.

That, of course, is untrue.

Our Founding documents or First Principles do not call for white supremacy. They call for equality and equal treatment under the law. The Marxists want communist supremacy.

This is the party that murdered an innocent family in Kabul and left Americans and others to be slaughtered by the Taliban. Biden and his party accept no responsibility for anything.

Greenfield, and Joe Biden, are calling white Americans supremacists because they are the majority and hold many positions of power as a result. Bolsheviks don’t want that. These people want the communists to rule.


He can’t talk. He’s embarrassing.

More idiocy:

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